Fish species


Brown trout

The brown trout belongs to the family of salmon fish. They mostly go on prey searchbyt night. They can see excellent and counts as an extremely careful fish which immediately hides by disturbances.

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Rainbow trout

The rainbow trout has got their name on account of the wide reddish side tape shimmering in all rainbow colors. Originally the rainbow trout comes from North America.

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Lake grey trout

The lake grey trout comes from the family of the salmon fish. Genetically she is the same fish kind like the sea trout and the brook trout. Other names for the lake grey trout are blue trout, golden salmon and basic trout.

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Speckled trout

The speckled trout belongs to the most gloriously colorful freshwater fish and originally comes from the east of North America.

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Arctic char or Namaycush

The arctic char (Namaycush) belongs to the family of the salmon fish.  In winter time guests like to fish Namaycush on the frozen lake. In summer time it is difficult to catch a arctic char because they stay primarily in the deep, cold water.

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Lake trout

The lake trout is marked by the ice age and lives mainly in lakes with rich oxygen up to the height of 2600 meters. The mountain lakes on Melchsee-Frutt offer therefore an excellent habitat for the lake trout.

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Common perch

The Common perch (in Switzerland also known as «Egli») counts as a respected and tasty food fish.

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Minnows live in very big swarm near the water surface. The minnow serves as a clue for the goodness of waters. If the minnows disappear, the quality of the water is worse.

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