Wellness at the Hotel Krone Sarnen

Caldarium, sauna and brine steam bath – the spa center is entirely dedicated to blissful relaxation and complete well being. In this soothing ambiance you will find new hydro-massage showers and a very special rest room with views of the Landenberg. Every prospect of enjoying a relaxing stay at the Krone!

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In Roman bathing culture, the role of the caldarium was gradually to prepare the body’s circulation for higher temperatures, while at the same time offering a gentle but effective way of relaxing and recuperating. At a temperature of about 45°C, the natural herbal essences relax tense muscles. Stress levels sink and pain in joints and limbs is eased. Your whole body will thank you for it!


Regular visits to the sauna are the ideal antidote to stress. Your body is cleansed of toxins and purified, your circulatory system is stimulated and the body’s own resistance is mobilized. Saunas are excellent for your heart-rate and blood pressure.

Brine steam bath

The fine mist with marine ingredients activates the self-cleaning mechanism in the respiratory passages, detoxes the body and stimulates the blood supply. The salt, in the form of mist, binds moisture in the skin, regenerating it and creating a younger, fresher appearance. A brine steam bath has many effects – and one result is that you’ll feel like royalty afterwards!

Ask about it at the Hotel Krone in Sarnen.

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