Brünig Park Lungern – Fascination with rock

The Brünig Park offers a unique experience space with offerings in the areas of innovation, events, catering, tourism, sport, culture, society and nature.

Fascination Rock

He stands for a variety of industrial tourist attractions: the event in the tunnel and tunnel system, gastronomic experience on professional applications in and around the rocks up to the recreational activity in Brünig Park region.
Brünig Park lets you experience “Fascination Rock” in all its facets!

A perfect match in any weather

Fun for friends and families

(offer 1-3)

Offer 1

(1-4 persons), CHF 95.- / group

20 minutes shooting range (laser)

20 minutes crossbow 3 meters

20 minutes blowpipe 5 meters

Offer 2

(1-4 persons), CHF 99.- / group

30 minutes of small arms rifle 50 meters

20 minutes crossbow 3 meters

20 minutes blowpipe 5 meters

Offer 3

(1-4 persons), CHF 90.- / group

30 minutes of archery 15 meters

20 minutes shooting range (laser)

30 minutes shooting

Goals + meeting with fun factor

(Also suitable for under 16 years)

Robin Hood: With bow, crossbow and blowpipe you feel like in the Sherwood Forest. Up to 20 people, CHF 46.- / person

Wilhelm Tell: With various crossbows on the footsteps of Wilhelm Tell – Up to 20 people, CHF 60 / person

Moorhuhn (Laser – Schiesskino): Whether in the big game hunting in Africa or the clay pigeon shooting here is something for everyone. Up to 20 persons, CHF 190.- / flat rate


All offers:



Brünig Park in Lungern is located in Switzerland. It is light and easily accessible via the A8 (exit Lungern) and the Central Railway. Parking is free.

More information about the Brünig Park can be found here.

Brünig Park
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