Weid farm experience

Family-run farm offering a farm holiday experience.

What it has to offer

The specially converted barn and recreation room accommodates 15 individuals or groups of up to 30 people.


Your night in the barn can be combined with a fun evening, such as a Älplermagronen (alpine macaroni) party. A grill is also available for use. Farm School, play circuit and a pizza party from 10 Persons.


The farm is on the main road to the Melchsee-Frutt ski area. Approx. 1 kilometer beyond Kerns. Take the post bus from Kerns-Stöckalp, get off at the Bodacher stop.


Weid farm experience
Per person and per night CHF
Adults 25.00
Children under 12 years 15.00
Adults for more than 3 nights 20.00
Adults for groups of 5 or more 20.00
The rent of the hole house summer 350.00
The rent of the hole house winter 480.00

Erlebnisbauernhof Weid
Familie Spichtig
Weid / Melchtalerstrasse 30
6064 Kerns
Tel. +41 (0)41 660 52 16