During the winter season the Fruttpark is located along the hole Erzegg slope and it is divided into three sections. At the top part you find mostly easy obstacles and some more difficult elements. At the middle part there are very easy obstacles and it is especially for beginners. At the bottom part there are mostly difficult obstacles and these part of the park is for advanced riders.


Experience this indescribable feeling for yourself! In collaboration with Audi and Swiss-Ski a skicross park has been established in the winter sports area of Melchsee-Frutt. The Skicross Park is located in the Erzegg area.

Skicross is…

… a new sport which was successfully launched thanks to Mike Schmid.
… a dizzying mix of steep turns, jumps and bumps.
… a racing duel between 2, 3 or 4 riders.
… pure thrill!

When using the Skicross Park, the following rules apply:

  • An inspection is to be conducted before the first start
  • You may only enter the Skicross Park at the start
  • Do not enter on the route
  • Do not stand or sit on the course, but continue to the end
  • Do not use the course with young children
  • The Skicross Park is for experienced skiers
  • Respect the FIS rules

More information about skicross you will finde here:


1. Look before you leap
Users should previously visit all the obstacles and each ensure that the landing is free. In addition, they should leave the landing zone after landing as quickly as possible.

2. Make a plan
Plan your run. The user should consider which elements they want like using. The speed, the approach and the take-off have a direct impact on the trick and the landing.

3. Easy style it
The users, especially the inexperienced, should start with the small elements and develop the skills necessary for larger items.

4. Respect gets respect
Users should respect the other park users and nature. That means they should not endanger other park users, follow the parking rules and not litter.

5. Rank your skills right
Many accidents happen due to overconfidence. So only ride obstacles you can ride with your skills.

6. Think about the snow texture
During the day the snow conditions can change (frozen/hard/soft/corn snow/ice/…). Think about always, as the snow could affect your driving.

7. Do not ride crisscross
Our park is divided into lines. To avoid collisions stick to the lines and not go back and forth.

8. The park is only for parkusers
If you do not ride the obstacles, don’t go into the park. The park is not a racing or slalom slope.

9. Protect yourself
Falls are not uncommon in the park. That’s the reason why you have to protect yourself with a adequate protective equipment. We recommend to wear at least a helmet and backprotector.

10. Keep the landings, tables and jumps free
Get out of those areas as fast as possible. Remove unnecessary objects which may hurt you and other Park users.

11. Help, where help is needed
If there is an accident secure the place where the accident happened to prevent from worst scenarios. Immediately call the rescue (by the chairlift or the SOS-number of Melchsee-Frutt. Tel.: 041 669 70 90)

12. Respect the shapers and pistenbullys
Follow the instructions of the shapers and pistenbullydrivers. Never ride there where preperations are going on. If an obstacle is closed, there is always a reason why. Never ride terrains or obstacles who are closed.

13. We care – you care
A clean mountain is verry important to us. Always throw rubbish and cigarette stub in a carbagge can. Please respect nature and keep the mountain clean. Thanks a lot!



Until 1999 the fruttpark was placed in the lower part of Melchsee-Frutt, between the slopes «Chrumegg» and «Paradiesli». During this time, a group of young obwaldner snowboarders litterally stomped the park out of the ground. They had nothing else to work with then their hands, feet and shovels.

In 2000 the park was moved to the slopes in the «Erzegg», where it still is located until these days. At the beginning there were only a few kickers and some rails. By now the park blossomed into one of the larger playgrounds for freestylers in central switzerland.

Over the years, there were a lot of contest and jams in the park. To never forget about the old days, there still can be found some pictures.