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Your sunglasses for sunny days at Melchsee-Frutt.
CHF 10.–

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Fruttli Rain Poncho

Defy the rain with the Fruttli rain poncho.
CHF 2.50

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Frutt-Cap Winter

This cap keeps your ears warm during the cold winter days.
CHF 12.-

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Nice towel, why not use it for a bath in the lake Melchsee?
140 cm x 70 cm
CHF 29.-

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Our Fruttli is a great present for every child!

CHF 17.–


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Kids-Caps with the fruttli family and the fruttli train.
CHF 10.–

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Protect yourself from the sun with the cap for adults.

CHF 10.–

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Practical frutt wallet for every jacket pocket.
CHF 5.–

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Multifunctional Headwear

The faithful companion for every weather.

CHF 7.–

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The design of the appears in a new light.

CHF 29.–

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The old model of the is now

CHF 11.–

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Charge your phone on the way with our Power-Bank.

CHF 19.–

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Belongs to the equipment for night sledging or night skiing

CHF 15.–

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Sunglasses Jack Wolfskin

Bright sunshine and you forgot your sunglasses? We can help.

CHF 5.–

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Pistenbully small (without winch)

The small Pistenbully provides guaranteed for fun!

CHF 55.–

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Pistenbully tall (with winch)

The fabulously equipped PistenBully uncanny resemblance of the winch a real PistenBully.

CHF 60.–

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Snow groomer cups

NEW: Cups with a snow groomer overprint
CHF 10.–

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Book – «Melchsee-Frutt im Laufe der Zeit»

«Melchsee-Frutt im Laufe der Zeit» packaged in an exciting book.

CHF 59.–

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Book – Melchsee-Frutt/Biasotto

Impressions of Melchsee-Frutt from Thomas Biasotto.

CHF 69.–

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Coloring book

The popular coloring book to relax for adults.
Only CHF 10.-

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