Versatile climbing routes

Not just for climbers: Sport climbing is not only reserved rounders on Melchsee-Frutt. The simpler climbing tours are also ideal for families. Enjoy the magnificent view of the deep gleaming mountain lakes and the distant Bernese Alps.

Boni-cliff (Melchsee-Frutt)

The distinctive Boni rock face, with a height of 10 to 60 meters, offers a variety of rock formations and over 150 routes for all abilities. It is optimally protected and has well furnished abseiling routes.

Topos Boni (6,47 MB)
Click here for the overview of Boni Topos

Not only that Boni rock has lots of climbing routes, also in Melchtal or in Stöckalp there are varied climbing routes.

Hohmad-Barglen (Melchsee-Frutt)

Southern orientation, long boarding (1 hr.).
Topos Hohmad-Barglen (4.55 MB)

Ofen (Huetstock)

Sophisticated multi-pitch route area, mostly wall routes, southwest exposure, Approach in 2 hours.
Topos Ofen (3,94 MB)

Flüelibalm (Stöckalp)

East southeast orientation, vertical to overhanging wall routes for ambitious climbers, boarding in 15 minutes.
Topos Flüelibalm (1,37 MB)

Sportcamp (Stöckalp)

Southeastern orientation, climbing is suitable for coursework advanced climbers, some MSL routes of interesting character, boarding in 15 minutes.
Topos Sportcamp (1,45 MB)

Stepfen (Stöckalp)

Southern orientation, mostly in steep to vertical and overhanging areas. Sector Alpha suitable for very strong climbers, Beta & Gamma sectors very nice MSL routes, boarding in 30 minutes.
Topos Stepfen (3,02 MB)

Cheselen (Stöckalp)

Southern orientation, wonderful MSL Route crag for good climbers, overhanging Abseilpisten, boarding in 60 minutes.
Topos Cheselen (2,58 MB)

Climbing Code

  • Use the climbing only if you’re trained alpine.
  • Respect the fauna and flora.
  • Leave never waste.
  • Use the public toilets at the start of the climbing garden.
  • CHANGE no backups.
  • Arm yourself properly made for your inspections.
  • Eighth in spring snowdrifts above you.
  • Leave the wall in a thunderstorm tendency.
  • Solvent make sure no rocks without you whether there are people or animals on the wall foot.

Guided tours can be booked on request at the Tourist Office, 041 669 70 60

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