Back to the roots

By Banked Slalom we go back to the roots of the Banked Turns: The Slalom combines the origins of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. He brings the passion of Banked Turns on the waves or asphalt in a contest format in the snow, which should be as a competitions, according to stories in the early days of snowboarding. The Audi Snowboard Series is one of the most important snowboard tours in Europe, the Banked Slalom on Melchsee-Frutt, organized by, representing a Silver event thereof.

At the same time in this competition Tour can be won points for national snowboard rating – so the competition entry for local drivers is facilitated and also represents a springboard to the top league for snowboarders.

At the event all snowboard disciplines and riders each age category – also spectators – are welcome! It’s about courage, strength, fun and the pure experience of snowboarding.

You can log either in advance or on the website or on the spot in the finish area of the racetrack at Erzegg.