Four lakes hike

Melchsee‐Frutt – Tannalp – Engstlenalp – Jochpass – Trüebsee

This route is a mountain trail and requires good hiking equipment. This almost to be named “classic”  route can also be called a mountain lake hike. Recommendation: If you prefer it cozy, walking time can be reduced down to 1h and 45 min. with the inclusion of the mountain railways. Like this there remains more time for the panorama and the stops at the many restaurants along the route.

PDF: Hiking Tip Four lake hike



Melchsee-Frutt – Bonistock – Chringen – Tannalp – Tannendamm – Melchsee-Frutt

From the top station of the cable car the road leads up to the Hotel Frutt Lodge & Spa and changes there on the trail to the Bonistock. On the Bonistock you experience a unique panoramic view of the surrounding Alpine world with eternal snow and ice. The descent to Tannalp passes first from the hotel Bonistock on a equal amounts resulting and very pleasant way to Chringen where it gradually goes down on a alpway to Tannen.

PDF: Hiking Tip Bonistock-Roundtrip


Melchsee-Frutt – Distelboden – Balmeregghorn – Erzegg – Fachshubel – Tannendamm – Melchsee-Frutt

From the top station of the gondola you go first on the road that leads to Tannalp to the chapel. There you turn right and reach the valley station of the ski lift Balmeregg in about 20 minutes. The hike to the Balmeregghorn takes about 1 hour. On the Balmeregghorn there is an incomparably beautiful view. A beautiful and easy path on the ridge leads via Erzegg to Tannalp. The vast mountain ranges of the Bernese Oberland and the Titlis are within reach. The floral splendor on both sides of the road is breathtaking. Marmots watch the hikers up close. Comfortable you reach the Tannalp. The Chapel there is perfect for a visit. In the Berghaus Tannalp you can fortify yourself with food and drink. To get back to Melchsee-Frutt you can walk along the left side of the Tannalp Lake and you will reach your goal in about 1h and 15 min.

PDF: Hiking Tip Erzegg-Roundtrip


Melchsee-Frutt – Balmeregghorn – Planplatten – Haaggen – Hochstollen – Abgschütz – Melchsee-Frutt

From Melchsee-Frutt the path leads to Abgschütz, then rises and leads within a short time to Hochstollen. This ensures deep and far-sightedness in the Central Swiss and Bernese Alps. Further, the circular walk via Höchsträss and Häägen ultimately leads to Mägisalp.

PDF: Hiking Tip Hochstollen-Roundtour


Bettenalp-Bonistock Roundtour

Melchsee-Frutt – Arviböden – Bettenalp – Chringen – Bonistock – Melchsee-Frutt


Once different to the Bonistock. Over the Arviböden to the Bettenalp along the wild quiet zone you find rugged slats, alpine roses, gentian or anemones. Enjoy this unique flora, which you only find in this heights.

PDF: Hiking Tip Bettenalp-Bonistock Roundtour

Hike Frutt-Älggi

Melchsee-Frutt – Abgschütz – Seefeldsee – Älggi Mittelpunkt – Bachegg – Innenbach – Stöckalp


From Melchsee-Frutt the way leads to the silent and dreamy Lake Blausee. Trough the Abgschütz you reach the Sachseln Seefeld and then the Älggi-Alp – the center of Switzerland (path is partially secured with chains). At the center of Switzerland, it is possible to eat delicious and stay over night in the fresh mountain air.

PDF: Hiking Tip Frutt-Älggi

Jochpass-Schaftal Roundtour

Melchsee-Frutt – Tannalp – Engstlenalp – Jochpass – Schaftal – Tannalp – Melchsee-Frutt


Our insider tip with good visibility. Would you like to start your hike on Melchsee-Frutt, go beyond the cantonal borders and still finish at Melchsee-Frutt? Then this round trip is just right! With views of mountains and snow, you will hike over lush alpine pastures, listen to the sound of cowbells and enjoy pure nature.

PDF: Hiking Tip Jochpass – Schaftal Roundtour

Melchsee-Frutt – Wolfisalp – Stöckalp

Melchsee-Frutt – Arviböden – Bettenalp – Heufrutt – Wolfisalp – Stöckalp

Rarely do you find a hike which is so diverse. Enjoy the unique alpine flora, watch the wildlife and explore the rugged karst, landscape like our marmots. This hike will surely stay in your memory.

PDF: Hiking Tip Melchsee-Frutt – Wolfisalp – Stöckalp

Alpine Tour Barglen

Melchsee‐Frutt – Bonistock – Chringen – Hohmad – Chli Hohmad – Barglenchäle – Barglen

From Melchsee-Frutt to Hohmad you follow the pleasant and safe trail with red / white marking. Walking time up to this point is approximately 2 hours. At the second summit of the Gross Hohmad the alpine route begins with blue / white marking (SAC alpine hiking scale T4). First, in a delicate and exposed Gratabstieg (partly steel cables are available). After a lighter section then follows the steps crossing with exposed rock outcrops to Barglenchäle. The final climb to the summit, beyond the wonderful foresight no major problems more. From the Chli Hohmad to the peak of 1.5 hours walking time are again to be included, so you can reach the summit of the Melchsee-Frutt in about 3.5 to 4 hours.

PDF: Hiking Tip Alpine Tour Barglen

Alpine Tour Brünighaupt

Melchsee‐Frutt – Blausee – Abgschütz – Chli Haupt „Muiggächopf“ – Brünighaupt

The Haupt, known locally as Brünighaupt, forms the cornerstone of the western rocky range above the Melchsee-Frutt high plateau and attracts everyone’s attention from Stöckalp onwards.

From Melchsee-Frutt you hike leisurely via Abgschütz past the imposing Europaleiter to the Chli Haupt “Muiggächopf”. From the “Muiggächopf”, things really get going… surefootedness is essential here at the latest. The SAC Alpine hiking scale for this route is between T3 and T5, the tricky sections are secured with fixed ropes and abseils.

PDF: Alpine Tour Brünighaupt

Family paths

Melchsee-Frutt offers comfortable pushchair suitable walking paths: between Melchsee-Frutt and Tannalp and around the Tannensee the stroller wheels run “around”, the way to the Melchsee (counterclockwise) needs a little more staying power.

Guided walks

The data of the guided hikes and tips and tricks for 1000 km attractive footpaths you get on the website of Obwalden trails.